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Git Cheat Sheet


Git Global Setup

 git config --global "Your Name Here"
 git config --global

Git Commands

Common Git Commands

To download a new git repository

(Public access)

git clone

Update an exciting repository

(From within the projects folder)

git pull

Comment a change

git comment file.txt

To Revert a comment

git revert ce963c9db00c25b3c1e6add1fe6032aef61a5bed


Modify the last commit

git commit --amend


Creating a patch

git diff file_with_changes > 0001-name_of_patch_file.patch
gzip 0001-name_of_patch_file.patch

Patching a file or directory

gzip -dc 0001-name_of_patch_file.patch.gz |patch -p1


Creating a new branch

git branch <branch>

or to create a branch and switch to it

git checkout -b <branch>

Pulling changes from branches

git checkout <branch_committing_to>

Now that your in the branch you want to add the changes to, run:

git pull . <branch_committing_from>

Changing to a different branch

git checkout <branch>

Deleting a branch

git branch -d <branch>

Deleting a remote branch

git push origin :<branch>

Pushing a branch to github

git push <remote_repository_name> <branch_name>

So that would be…

git push origin <branch>

Display branches on github

git remote show origin

Pulling a branch from github

git checkout --track -b <name_of_local_branch> origin/<name_of_remote_branch>


Tagging a branch

git tag -a -m "tagging version 1.0" 1.0

Pushing the tag to github

git push --tags

Deleting a tag

git tag -d 1.0

Removing a deleted tag from github

git push origin :refs/tags/1.0


To update existing submodules

git pull
git submodule init
git submodule update

To add a new submodule to a project

git submodule add <remote-host>:<project.git> <project.git>

So if you are adding project “program” from the example git server you will run

git submodule add git:// program

Creating an secure Git remote server

On the Server create the git repository

mkdir name-of-git-repo.git
cd name-of-git-repo.git
git init --bare

On the Client System create the git repo to import into the server

git init
touch README
git add README
git commit -m 'first commit'
git remote add origin git@REMOTE_SERVER:name-of-git-repo.git
git push origin master

Importing an SVN repo into git

To import a svn repo create a new git repo and run

git svn clone
git commit

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