Change the maximum number of mailboxes being displayed in Exchange 2010

Microsoft’s Exchange Management Console is clearly far from a well designed system.  Sine things are put in such abnormal locations, it seems like I spend a good part of my time, just figuring out how to do something, I could do in my sleep with a previous version.

On that note, here is how to change the maximum number of recipients to display while searching in Exchange Management Console.

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console
  2. Expand “Recipient Configuration
  3. Expand “Mailbox
  4. On the far right hand side, within the “Action” window, choose “Modify the Maximum Number of Recipients to Display

Grant Full Control to a user’s mailbox in Exchange 2010

To grant full control to a diffrent user’s mailbox in Exchange 2010, you will need to use the Microsoft Exchange Management Console.  After this change has been made, have the user close Outlook and reopen it, the mailbox should show in the left hand side, without you having to manually add it to Outlook.

Below will allow another user to ‘Send As’ the first user and read/modify the their mail.

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console
  2. Expand “Recipient Configuration
  3. Right mouse click on “Mailbox” and choose find from the list.
  4. Find the user you would like to grant permissions for (ie: the mailbox of the user who will have the messages sent at).
  5. Right mouse click on the user and choose “Manage Full Access Permissions
  6. Add the user who will be able to send as the first user to this list.
The mailbox should automatically now show in Outlook after it has been restarted.

Installing Microsoft Exchange Tools on Windows XP

To start out, you will need the Microsoft Exchange 2003 CD or a network location with it installed

  • On your Windows XP system, go to the your Exchange 2003 CD or network location and run the setup located
  • <drive>: \setup\i386\setup.exe
  • Once it loads on the Component Selection page, do the following:
  • Under Component Name, locate Microsoft Exchange. In the corresponding Action column, select Custom.
  • Under Component Name, locate Microsoft Exchange System Management Tools. In the corresponding Action column, select Install(see figure below).
    Microsoft Exchange System Management Tools installation option

  • Click Next.
  • The rest is just hitting next or install until your finished.