Trac Installed on a Nginx Server

Over the last few weeks I have been converting all my different sites from Apache to Nginx. The nice part of this plan is as I move on from system to system, each change over get’s easier then the last.

This how-to will walk you threw how to instal Trac on a Nginx server. The plan here is to proxy your trac site back to tracd running server. Only proxy the files that are not real and can not be served by nginx alone.

To start out, install python and some python tools to your server

yum -y install python python-genshi python-setuptools 
subversion python-setuptools-devel

Now you need to download and install trac from svn

svn checkout trac
cd trac

After you have the current version, compile and install trac

python ./ install

This how-to assumes you already have a working trac profile to host on this site. If you do not already have a trac profile, please look at trac-admin /path/to/websites/directory initenv.

After you have trac installed, you need to start it.

export TRAC_ENV_INDEX_TEMPLATE=/var/www/trac/projects_list_template.html
/usr/bin/python /usr/bin/tracd -d -p 3050 
--protocol=http -e /var/www/

And here’s a simple example Nginx config for your new trac setup.

   upstream {
   server {
       listen 80;
       root /var/www/;
       location /html/ { 
       	expires 180d;
       location /favicon.ico { }
       location /robots.txt { }
       location / {
               proxy_set_header  X-Real-IP  $remote_addr;

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